"To figure out what Mr Obama is about, it is necessary to watch what he does as well as what he says."

The Economist, noting that a gap has emerged between the two, cites the President's actions on the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay.  And the publication uses the insight to color its take on Obama's new National Security Strategy document.

I think the observation can be applied more generally though.  For example, I think the quote in the title is readily applicable to the Obama response to the Gulf oil spill - or lack thereof.

Obama's assertion yesterday that the federal government has been in control of the spill response since day one certainly rang hollow:

The president's direct language on being in charge of the spill response, which he repeated several times, marked a change in emphasis from earlier administration assertions that, while the government was overseeing the operation, BP had the expertise and equipment to make the decisions on how to stop the flow.