A little more Wisconsin kerfuffle: weakness masquerading as strength?

A couple moves from the Neumann camp leave me wondering about his real strength. Firstly, a call for unity:
Mark Neumann today personally placed a phone call to his fellow candidates in the race for Governor, seeking a joint meeting to create a plan that keeps Harley Davidson in Wisconsin.
“Let’s put jobs above politics and assemble a solution that makes sense for Harley and for the state of Wisconsin,” Neumann said. “Let’s show this company, this state and this nation that we are all serious about wanting to lead Wisconsin forward.”
Can't we all just get along? But this is just like calling for more debates -- a trailing candidate trying to get more media attention by doing something nice that all the voters claim to like but actually don't give a flying flip (hey, we're a family blog) about. Bipartisanship is nice, but the real world is harsh (oh hai Mr Obama, how long have you been standing over there?) and holding hands occupies your hands while your opponents can raise theirs to take credit. It's a bad gamble, and gives off a sense of desperation. Why not just do something yourself and prove that you have real ideas that your opponents lack?

Meanwhile, Mr Neumann also sends this link along, reminding us that a party nomination isn't always helpful. Well, no, not necessarily. And with the Tea Party, now is as good a time as any to take that gamble. But it is indicative that the stars are aligning, and they're not in your favor. Do you really want to be reminding us of that?