I'm free!

I permanently checked out of Facebook after scorched-earthing my profile, deleting all information, photos, and friends. I wanted to eliminate as much information as possible in case they don't wipe deleted profiles off their servers.

In short, the Facebook of today is not the site I reluctantly joined five years ago. I certainly would not join the site now and had only become part of it by being dragged along as it morphed.

It's not much of a surprise that Facebook is designed to be as much of a one-way street as possible. What goes into facebook, stays in facebook. It's pretty obvious once one realizes there's no way to back up any of the data in it such as a list of friends or their contact information.

You have to delete things page by page--there isn't even a list with checkboxes. Altogether it took about an hour. From there, the website leads you to deactivate your account, which only just puts it in hibernation, or you can click this link to find how to terminate your account.

It's not just the site that makes it hard to leave. Maybe it's a human thing, or perhaps just me, but there was a hesitation that perhaps in the future it'd be useful to be able to quickly contact people I knew or went to school or worked with at some point. However, as I was culling the fold, one by one, it became obvious that my list had expanded to being full of people I'll most likely never interact with again.

It was a fun bit of nostalgia to see all the bits of crap from other times on other people's profiles. I remembered the weirdness when when 'gifts', icons people paid for(!?), were introduced. Or even when status updates were originally just 3 or 4 selectable options like "is sleeping" instead of the twitter scroll at present. Or heck, the beginning of the end when 'applications' started appearing.

It's an extrovert's world.