"getting nothing but a can full of smoke monster"

Above the Law has been on fire lately, homing in with an eerie but appropriate gallows humor on the hard times for law students.  Law students are not canaries in a coal mine, not a sensitive first warning of the economic times...but rather something like sycamores in London - if even they are dying, you know the air pollution is astronomically out of control.

Here's the site's latest focus on the "Lost Generation" of law students.

It's harrowing.  And I know, talking to many classmates, that it's frighteningly accurate.  It's going to make graduation rather bittersweet for many folks in a few weeks.

But I link to it here so that any of you potential law students out there, when you're searching for "is law school worth it" - an actual search result that seems to get people here often - you think twice, you think three times, you think ten times and then you still probably avoid going to law school at this point unless your family is fabulously wealthy.

And it's unclear just how long the Lost Generation will last:

And it’s not likely to get better for the class of 2011. Leipold said that they are already know that 17% of firms that had summer programs in 2009 have already canceled summer programs for 2010. Leipold told the crowd (crowd = me) that 55% of law schools have reported a 30% or more decrease in the number of firms coming to campus. That’s the biggest drop NALP has ever recorded, and it’s all happened in a single year.

As I've noted before, I think the nation is about to add a significant new facet to its overall economic problem as a large percentage of this next cohort of graduate students, and especially law students, hits the market with massive debt and no job prospects.