"bombs, nuclear bombs, torpedoes"

"At least 15 times a day we get something about exploding the well..."

I did not get this crazy idea in to BP for consideration along with the 10,000 ideas submitted by the public...but, since nothing else seems to be working...what about inducing magma into the oil cavern whether by drilling or munitions?

I'm curious as to the thickness of the oceanic crust under the Gulf and the nature of the uppermost mantle beneath the site.  The oil chamber itself has already been reached by pipe several miles beneath the ocean floor - and I thought the mantle starts not much farther than that (oceanic crust, to my knowledge, is thinner than continental crust).  Perhaps we don't even have the technology to cause such an event.  Perhaps such a move would instead increase the pressure forcing the oil out.  I'll defer to any input by our resident engineer, Mike F.

It sounds ridiculous.  But so does drilling 5000 feet below the surface of the Gulf.  And drilling down 18000 feet beyond that.  And using a dynamically positioned drilling platform that's gyroscopically held in place with thrusters.  And placing a giant coffer dam on the leak.  Or placing a mile-long tube on the blowout preventer.  It's a Jules Verne-meets-Ray Bradbury thought for a problem of similarly fantastic proportions.