Arranged by population

The U.S. looks a little bit different:
This is the states drawn by how many representatives they send to the House--a very simple way of divvying up the population.

What inspired me was seeing the BBC's election map to which I linked yesterday that displays Britain geographically and then with each district the same size, sort of an stand in for population. With that map, all of Scotland which appears to be only a little smaller than England, is about the same size as London which dominates.

Some things that jump out on the US map:
  • Lots of people live on the East Coast, but not north of Massachusetts.
  • Looks like half the country lives in the Eastern Time Zone.
  • Texas really isn't that big.
  • For that matter, Illinois is bigger than the cornfields would suggest.
  • Seems like Indiana and Ohio have been sleeper states lately.
  • Indiana is bigger than Wisconsin?!
  • I would have guessed Mississippi and Alabama were about the same.
  • With the exception of California and Texas, few people live west of the Mississippi.
  • I don't really think of Florida as the type of place to spend the long term, yet tons of people live there.
  • Although on a map it looks like a majority of the country is red states, the red zone is actually small by population.
  • On this map, Canada would be little more than a single row of cells across the top--it's smaller than California.