Wait, some people want more taxes?

Lance Burri points out a somewhat bizarre story about a group of millionaires who think they don't pay nearly enough in taxes and want to make all rich people pay more.

He makes an outstanding point about the absurdity of the group:

Ironic, that such people would assume they need the government to spend their money more wisely than they can. Offensive, that they would expect the rest of us to do the same:
…the millionaires on the call get credit for putting (some of) their money where their mouths are. They are among 50 families with net assets of more than $1 million to take a “tax fairness” pledge — donating the amount they saved from Bush tax cuts to organizations fighting for the repeal of the Bush tax cuts.
How odd, that they’d dedicate the money to paying more taxes, instead of dedicating the money to whatever they want the taxes to fund.
This is what bothers me. Remember when President Bush said - in a State of the Union Address - that the IRS accepts checks and money orders? He got roundly criticized and mocked, but he had a great point. There is nothing stopping these people from donating money to the federal government, but they don't. They don't give their "excess" money to the areas they think are neglected - at least they don't mention it if they do - but they will spend money trying to make the rest of us pay more.

My favorite part of this is that they are wasting their money on trying to repeal the Bush tax cuts. They are set to expire next year anyway and President Obama has no intention of signing any legislation that extends those cuts.

I don't care if these rich people send more money to the federal government. Can't they just leave the rest of us out of it?