Thoughts on the Treme Premiere

Overall, pretty well done.

David Simon's letter in the Times-Pic aside, a few comments on verisimilitude:  1) the Abita Jockamo's IPA neon in the window at Vaughn's is out of place because Abita didn't introduce that beer until after the storm, from what I recall, and 2) the big green style of parking meter in the foreground on St. Peter didn't come until post storm either, to my knowledge.

Critical thoughts generally on the show:  1) I can't stand Steve Zahn's character.  He's somewhat accurate as far as a certain type of New Orleanian goes...but painful.  2) A K-Ville-like danger emerged as nearly too much classic music was packed into the first show.  Or maybe even too many stereotypical Nola things.  A second line and a jazz funeral in the premiere?  3) While Clarke Peters' single-minded determination on his return was probably the most powerful thing on the screen tonight, aside from the joy of the opening second line, I felt like the audience's first encounter with a Mardi Gras Indian seemed goofy or silly and out of place.  I've only felt something akin to a sense of majesty, awe, and amazement in the presence of the Mardi Gras Indians on Super Sunday.  Perhaps a contrast will emerge given the rebirth trajectory the show will likely take.  But it still struck as being wrong somehow.

Things I liked: 1) The John Goodman scene with the Judge Seeber Bridge in the background - his f-bomb laden tirade evoked Nola blogger Ashley Morris' famous post-Katrina tirade [and...it turns out... the famed blog post inspired it].  2) Gigi's Lounge seemed like an authentic New Orleans corner bar establishment.  3) The character of Jacque, the sous chef.  He barely said a word, which means there's far more to learn.