Read the New York Times with me

+Can the aroma, fragrance and taste of beans from the droppings of a caged civet ever be as tasty as those from its wild cousin?

+"Say me and a rock was a friend," he said. "It would be different, because a rock can’t move. And it can’t look around."

+"Whether it’s tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, whether he dies of natural causes in the woods or in a cave, whether he is blown up or shot up, or if he is caught and locked away in a death cell," Mr. Yevkurov said. "If he is still alive and walking around, that does not simply mean he has managed to survive. The Almighty is giving him the chance to find the strength to acknowledge the evil he has brought to people."

+"They’re very secure," he says of the three. "They have no ego. They’re not worried about how things appear, or who gets the credit."

+"To talk about making money on short-term transactions with the TARP while you have this huge cost to the nation is incongruous."