Planning for the next paradigm...and getting there with food?

Here's why New Orleans needs to figure out how to sustain its revival...when it can no longer count on the succor of the federal government.

* * *

But...if restaurants are any indicator, though, the city is on a healthy economic trajectory.  Here are the brand new establishments I've stumbled on in the past few days:

SukhoThai Uptown

Courtyard Grill on Magazine

This one's been open for about a year, but I just ate there for the first time recently - and it was fantastic.

Plus, the tv news reports that two new restaurants are slated to open in the near future on Freret. 

If you're looking for lunch - and, more properly, a coffee shop that serves Starbucks coffee...try Liberty's Kitchen on Broad just off Tulane - it's basically the Cafe Reconcile of coffeeshops.

Clearly, restaurants alone can't comprise the entire economic engine of the city, but they are certainly an encouraging sign of a willingness to invest in and place faith in the future of New Orleans.