An odd timeline

Edit: looking back at the timestamp on the State Department tweet, it now posts as 2.03 pm on April 10; Ms Otunbayeva's (whose name I've corrected below as well) post appears as 12.20 pm on April 9th -- it now appears that Ms Albright contacted the acting leader of Kyrgyzstan nearly a full day before the State Department!

Watching US involvement in Kyrgyzstan, I was a bit confused recently; the timeline of contacts didn't quite add up to me.

In the early afternoon yesterday, Roza Otunbayeva, the acting leader of the country, tweeted:
Felt really warm to receive a phone call from long time friend Madeleine Albright! Briefed her on the latest situation.
The timestamp on that is 2.20 pm.

The State Department then tweeted, "#SecClinton spoke to Ms. Roza Otunbayeva to support efforts of #Kyrgyz administration to resolve #Kyrgyzstan's current political problems." That timestamp lists "six hours ago," which would put it at about 3.30 pm as I write this at 9.40.

Did a former Secretary of State contact Ms Bayeva before the current Secretary?

originally posted 9.45 pm 4/10