Joe Leibham Gets it Right

As the Wisconsin State Senate passed a bill banning texting while driving, three voices stood against the measure, which I've railed against before for its illogic.  I'm glad to see Leibham, for whom I once worked, was one of the three:

Some opponents of the ban said a change is unnecessary because there is already a law on the books for inattentive driving, with fines of $20 to $400.

"If you want to deal with inattentive driving you should do just that," said Sen. Joe Leibham (R-Sheboygan).

Although the final measure passed contained a number of exceptions compared to the version I objected to earlier, it is just as redundant.  And the exemption for texting while the vehicle is stopped will no doubt lead to enforcement difficulties and problems of proof.

ADDED:  The Senate also passed the mascot ban that I opposed vigorously as well, by a vote of 17-16 with Senator Tim Carpenter joining the Republicans in opposition.

I hope someone out there files a complaint about some random, seemingly innocuous mascot saying it offends them - a case would likely show a court just how poorly the statute was drafted and how overbroadly it reaches.