It's Treme Day

Here are a few of my shots and memories of the storied neighborhood from the archives (although I don't know that many or any of these have appeared on the blog before).  I'm excited to see what David Simon cooks up on HBO.

I was just down in the Treme last night for my friend Chris B's birthday party (and suffered a hit and run to my driver's side mirror on S. Claiborne in the shadow of the I-10).   The Mother in Law Lounge was in full swing (West Bank Mike and his band did a rousing version of Neil Young's Cortez Cortez outside under the palm hut, flanked by cutouts of Ernie and Antoinette) and Miss Betty and company are hosting a premier party tonight for the new HBO series.  A number of us speculated, as we have at a few events in recent weeks, on the impact of Treme - will it bring an influx of tourists that could stifle some of the traditions and institutions in the show? It's hard to say.

I've had a number of strong memories in the Treme - few of which have made it here to the blog.  Like sitting next to Mos Def at The Candlelight when we went to hear the Treme Brass Band with Uncle Lionel meandering around the crowd because his bucket had a hole in it.  Or wandering around the hyper cantilevered Phyllis Wheatley school while waiting for seats at Willie Mae's Scotch House.  Or parking brazenly at night near the Treme Community Center almost every time I go to the Quarter because I don't want the hassle and cost of parking near the river.  Or seeing Leah Chase appear in a great billowy chef's outfit from out of the back at Dookie Chase.  Or stumbling upon odd things like the St. Anne Grotto on Ursulines, the kind lady on Pauger street on Mardi Gras day, a party at the Tree House, a Banksy on a wall off St. Bernard Avenue, or the two random ladies sitting in a decrepit van on a back street behind the offramp asking us somewhat ominously if we wanted a cold drink.  Or the time I saw a bunch of cars covered in muck under the I-10...along with a group of people...recreating a post-Katrina scene for HBO's Treme...