Goings-on lately: tension edition

+"[O]n April 22nd, Yonhap, South Korea’s news agency, reported that the government’s military-intelligence agency, using intelligence gathered jointly with America, had concluded the regime in North Korea had deliberately attacked and destroyed the 1,200-tonne warship."

+"Ukrainian nationalists led by Yulia Tymoshenko, the former prime minister, and Viktor Yushchenko, the former president, regard the base deal as a betrayal of Ukraine's national interests."

+"Top officials at the State Department in Washington are said to be 'fuming' with US Embassy personnel in Bishkek for supposedly failing to maintain strong ties with erstwhile opposition politicians who now are leading figures in the Kyrgyz provisional government."

+"Two days before Armenia commemorates Ottoman Turkey’s World War I-era slayings of ethnic Armenians, President Serzh Sargsyan on April 22 called on Armenia’s parliament to 'suspend' the process to ratify reconciliation protocols with Turkey."

+"The drive to give the NWFP a Pashto name was spearheaded by the Pashtun nationalist Awami National Party (ANP). The party has said that it does not oppose non-Pashto speakers in the province seeking their own separate territorial divisions, but that must be done by working through Pakistan's constitutional process."