Apropos Facebook

So via a couple of friends, I see this, and especially this comment:
Why is it not mandatory??? How can any legal US citizen not have some form of government issued ID by the time they're 18?
Multiple question marks aside, I support some sort of proof-of-residence requirement to be able to vote, but here's the thing: shouldn't it bother Republicans, who ostensibly believe in freedom from government to the greatest degree possible, that there is such a significant degree of government tracking at this point? Shouldn't it be at least vaguely worrisome that documents can track our every movement? Isn't it on our intellectual horizon to worry that items such as Social Security Numbers have become ubiquitous tools for the government, as well as most private corporations, to track its citizenry?

Leave aside the argument that in the modern era of omnipresent credit cards and the inability to escape civilization without become some sort of bush-dwelling militiaman -- isn't the incredible ease with which we can all be tracked just a little upsetting?