The "Slaughter Solution" - A Token of Dishonesty

House Democrats defend "deem it passed without passing" when it comes to the procedure necessary to pass their desired version of the health care bill.

I tend to agree with former circuit judge Michael McConnell's take: it's clever, but unconstitutional.

And even if it is not - Jack Balkin, while cautious, seems to think it could be done in some way - I think it's a glaring sign of just how craven the Democrats have become in the face of the healthcare battle.  It smells to high heaven - I don't care if it's been used on other votes.  This is major legislation.

If nothing else, I think the healthcare fight has been a refreshing period where a curtain has been drawn back and the general public has seen the twisted, spineless shenanigans that have entwined themselves into the workings of our federal government.