A side effect

I felt like I was watching one of those strange and slightly distrubing tv ads where the narrator dislaims that an anti-depression medication "may trigger thoughts of suicide."
Another unfortunate side effect of the "health care bill or bust" mentality emerged today:
Gibbs's remarks came after the shocking announcement that Obama is postponing his trip to Indonesia and Australia until June so that he can stay in Washington and ensure the process progresses.
It's really quite astounding just how much of an obsession the "W" has become for Democrats and the President.  We're now withdrawing from pre-planned engagement with key regions of the world because of this distraction.  Shouldn't the need for his presence at the final hour be a sign to Obama that this lead balloon should not be floated?
Passage would require a cowardly "deem and pass" maneuver of questionable constitutional standing.  The bill may also affect Social Security, which could mean it will lose its status as a reconciliation bill.  More Americans oppose the bill than support it, which has been clear for some time.  Even if the measure reduces the deficit in theory, it likely will not (see generally the history of entitlement programs...and many of the conditions for that number will likely change) - and it still costs $940 billion!  Why does the reconciliation bill also treat the completely unrelated topic of student financial aid?
This whole push is looking...increasingly desperate and creepy.