Paul Ryan around the blogosphere

Ross Douthat is discussing the back-and-forth between Ryan and Ezra Klein:
Deficit-neutrality is a very good thing, but it isn’t the only factor to consider when faced with a massive piece of legislation. For one thing, as Ryan suggests, there’s the drag on economic growth from the tax increases required to keep a $2.3 trillion bill safely in the black.
I'm glad to see Ryan defending himself this way -- it's a good forum for him. He seems to take the blogs fairly seriously, to his credit, as a good source of debate and as a medium from which ideas can bubble up and serious debate can be had. I've been critical of "campaign blogs" in election season, and I don't think that setting up a blog per se would be a wise move, but harnessing the power of his Facebook account is a wise move to stay involved in the game.