Jumping off a cliff

One of the things that has bothered me about the health care debate is the way in which Democrats have decried any sort of incremental approach to reform. The way I see it, it's taken decades and layer after layer of laws, regulation and government programs to reach this point. Now we stand on the edge of a fiscal cliff.

If we do nothing, the weight of all those layers will push us off. If we take the Democrats approach of doubling down on the policies that have gotten us here, we jump off the cliff. We ought to start walking back from the edge by enacting simple bipartisan reform such as tort reform, eliminating (in a serious way) waste and fraud, and putting an end to pre-existing conditions.

These are good beginnings, nowhere near everything that needs to be done, but a good start nonetheless.

What the President announced today has some nice ideas, but unfortunately we're still jumping off the cliff. The proposals that were included pay lip service to compromise when so much of the core of the previous bills are in place.