I'm watching the Stupak press conference

He plans to vote for the health care bill now that President Obama has promised to sign an executive order that would bar public funding of abortion via the health care bill.

My question: how does this impact Joseph Cao's vote?  His only sticking point, the thing at the root of his NO vote this time around, has been objection to the bill's impact on abortion funding.

Will Cao now change and vote Yes at the last moment?

He has not mentioned any other grounds for opposing the legislation, and he voted for the House bill the first time around back in the fall.  The only thing he could really do to explain a NO vote at this point, given his rhetoric for the past few weeks, is to say that the executive order promise is not sufficient given whatever provision in the text of the bill that he finds may ultimately fund abortion with public funds.

Or he could say that reliance on an executive order as part of a legislative law-making exercise is inappropriate from a separation of powers standpoint.  Somehow, I don't think that's in the cards, though.

ADDED: Nola.com says Cao is still a NO.