“He represents the Icelandic soul,” said Ms. Omarsdottir, the political scientist. “He’d rather have his kids starve, his wife die — his two wives die — and his cow die, and lose almost all of his sheep, than be beholden to anyone.”

I may have to read Icelander Halldor Laxness' Nobel Prize winning work, "Independent People."

In the meantime, the nation with fewer residents than the City of New Orleans stares down a true crisis as it wrangles with a plebiscite on whether to pay back the UK and The Netherlands:

The question of how to pay has convulsed this tiny country of about 319,000 people, severely damaging its international reputation and paralyzing its economic recovery. It has so incensed its residents that on Saturday they are expected to reject overwhelmingly the latest Icesave repayment plan, in the first national referendum ever held here on any subject.