"We can't stop stop any votes..."

"...the American people spoke."

Fresh off a bruising in the House, I had the opportunity to sit in on a conference call with Congressmen Kevin McCarthy and Jim James.*

After a few perfunctory remarks about the "unprecedented" nature of the debt and some shots at the freeze ("frankly a joke," said Jones), the two moved to questions; the above quote came from a discussion of the changing dynamics of the debate on government spending. I asked how Senator-elect Brown changed the game, wondering if that didn't demonstrate a more libertarian strand of Republicanism ascendant; our hosts averred, saying it was "for the pundits to decide" how he changed the game. But Thing One** did say he "fundametally shifted policy," saying it was not coincidence that the debt ceiling vote was held today; Thing Two noted it "took a lot -- Tea Parties, town halls," etc to change the dynamic, to slow the Democratic march.

Beyond that, there was little of substance said -- the numbers have already been discussed, here among other places, and some platitudes about lowering the debt, and some activist types introducing themselves "you may know me from Twitter" asking about how they could best continue to oppose Democratic measures ("just keep talking" said Blue Fish; Red Fish made a callout to James O'Keefe) but that was about it.

*Wisconsin's favorite Paul Ryan was scheduled, but couldn't make it back from the floor.
**I couldn't tell one from the other once the Q&A session began, so we'll go by Seussian psyeudonyms.