"Waging war against God"

Will there be more executions in Iran?
But Al Jazeera's Nazanine Moshiri, reporting from Tehran, the Iranian capital, said the final decision was being awaited. [...]

"Now what we understand - and perhaps significantly from Sadeq Larijani - is that he will not give in to political pressure to carry out quick executions."
If these men are not put to death, it would be a major moment for the protestors -- a signal that part of the regime is siding with them. That, in turn, could put further pressure on the military.

The Russian demonstrators in 1991 were victorious because the military refused to fire on them. Refusing to execute protesters could send a similar message. It could also send a message to the rank-and-file soldiers that the demonstrators should not be shot -- and that would be a major breakthrough indeed.