A TV Review?

A guerrilla marketeer sent a sneak preview for new episodes of a tv show that has moved to a new channel.  I had seen the commercials, but I'd never watched any of the episodes for SouthLAnd:

Lucky for fans, SouthLAnd has a new home on TNT, starting with the never-before-seen premiere of Season 2 on March 2nd.

Three of us here at S. Liberty Street checked out the sneak preview.  We have a policy here at LIB of engaging in these sorts of things if they intrigue us, understanding that we inform our readers of the underlying contact. 

The consensus: it wasn't bad.  The show, a cop drama set in Los Angeles, seemed to be well shot, and some of the characters and storylines hinted at piqued our interest.  If anything, the show seemed so realistic that it might actually have slow patches now and then.  Some of us worried that the show might fall into tried and true police shows - although the commentary at the outset of the preview discussed the filming of a mob scene...that got a bit more realistic than the crew anticipated.  Tidbits like that are encouraging as far as indicating a Wire-like desire for authenticity.

NBC apparently thought the show was too dark for a 9 p.m. time slot - and TNT bought the rights to the second season, unaired until this week.