The Real World New Orleans

Filming for the upcoming season is underway a few blocks away from my house, and I keep seeing the cast walk across the neutral ground at night, trailed by a camera, as I drive down St. Charles.

While the house is impressive, I'm not quite sure why they picked a location this far Uptown.  If someone sent me scouting for a wild and crazy location for the show, I certainly would have picked something closer to the Quarter - either the Marigny or the Warehouse District.  It is more "real world" New Orleans, for sure.  But that's usually not what the show seems to be aiming for in the end.

I'm not sure the show has great local guidance.  On the day of the Saints Parade, we passed the cast as they waited for the streetcar near their house about two hours before the parade was set to begin.  "Yeah, that's not going to happen..." was the consensus in our vehicle (in which we'd packed our bikes to use in the final stretches of guaranteed gridlock).  I wonder if they ever made it.