Oh When Those Saints...Go Marching In

[Spontaneous parade down Magazine and Jefferson on Monday.]

It's been a whirlwind day, and I haven't had much time to reflect on the Saints victory and what it means to Nola because we elected a new leader of the Maritime Law Journal tonight.

My good friend Curtis P, a die-hard, life-long Saints fan, had this to say:

I have not even processed the fact that we won yet. I feel like I have to progress through the Kubler-Ross Five Stages of Grief (of course instead of grief, joy--a transcendent, incomprehensible joy). It won't be until I reach the final stage of acceptance that I will be able to reflect on this victory and its significance. Until then, WHO DAT!

I know this much: the Saints win combined with the decisive mayoral election the day before - not to mention today's historic Saints Parade and Mardi next week - mark a watershed moment for the City of New Orleans.  It is, in what has become almost a cliche, the end of a chapter, a bitter chapter of struggle that started on August 29, 2005. 

I've only been here for about half of that chapter - and the better half, at that.  But you really can feel it here.  The Saints win was no mere sports victory (and I'm not one to engage in regular apotheosis of an athletic event).  It was, to almost all involved, a symbol of the city itself lifting its head. 

We're back.  The work continues, but the rebirth is well underway.  Things look brighter.  A city left for dead is on the march and ablaze with riotous life.