The Nola Art House...

...is apparently about to be shut down by local law enforcement.

According to the facebook profile:

The city of NOLA just took a big bite out of its own culture: They're shutting us down completely, and trying to move us into homeless shelters. Our electricity is minutes from being pulled. We're gonna be fighting, we're homeless and we don't have much by way of resources, but we're gonna fight this thing all the godd...

For more on the phenomenon of the Art House, here's the recent Gambit article, which does a decent job of capturing the craziness and creativity.

UPDATE:  Nola.com provides more information.  It appears the utilities have been cut as well.  A fire department official had this to say:

“As bad as it may seem,” Woodridge said, “our concern is for the people living there.”

I do not know all the details, but it does seem bad.  What if all the people living there are consenting adults who don't care about the supposed violations and aren't posing any danger to the lives or property of others?  And another question: why now?  The Gambit article?  The upcoming show?  The treehouse and parties have been quite apparent for the past, oh, nine months.  The Art House is also one of the only structures on the block that it occupies, a block of mostly vacant lots directly in the shadow of I-10.