Massive return?

Massive Attack is coming back:
The group brought an approach to pace that was more common in modern classical and electronic music than in hip-hop. A new genre was attributed to (or blamed on) Massive Attack: trip-hop. The name indicates music based on hip-hop beats but slowed way down, detached from actual rapping, and combined with anodyne elements such as saxophones and hand drums. Along with its peers in Bristol—notably Portishead and Tricky—the band made pop music that did not depend on being assertive or fast to make its point.
This is interesting news, at least, especially in the wake of Portishead's Third. And TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe is involved, which has to be a good sign. I've always thought that trip-hop as a genre was unfairly maligned, and Massive Attack and Portishead often come back up in my listening, so I'm glad both acts are now putting out new material, hopefully after the hatefest on the genre has abated.