It's Mayor Mitch - by a Mile

"Landrieu's win Saturday marks the first time in the city's modern history that a mayoral race not featuring an incumbent was settled in the primary."

He's not Ray Nagin, that's for sure.  And that, regardless of the outcome of today's Super Bowl game, is one victory in the bag for New Orleans.

Arnie Fielkow topped the At-Large Council race, with Jackie Clarkson squeaking by Cynthia Willard-Lewis in violation of the supposed "one black, one white" rule of thumb on the at-large seats to take the other slot.

* * *

Last evening, I swung by the Fielkow victory party just off Bourbon Street, at which he gave a great, heartfelt speech surrounding by friends, staff, and family.  Trumpeter Irvin Mayfield preceded Arnie's remarks with a dizzying rendition of "America the Beautiful."  Fielkow seemed relieved to know that Landrieu would be Mayor of what he referred to in the end as "God's city."  The crowd was a bit sparse, but I think it was a combination of - A) everyone knew he would win, B) it was cold, C) everyone was holding off on partying for today, D) it was behind the Canal Street parade wall, and E) it was on Bourbon, which was lively.

We then headed briefly over to the Landrieu victory party at the Roosevelt, which was still hopping even after the mayor-elect's remarks - the Treme Brass Band was going to town as we arrived.  I tried to send a photo of Mitch giving his first post-victory interview with Travers Mackel from my phone, but it didn't make it through somehow.