It's Lundi Gras!

It's the Monday preceding Mardi Gras here in New Orleans, and, while it's strangely cold and windy, the sun is shining.

Sean Payton rides tonight in Orpheus, but I'm more excited about the Krewe of Proteus, one of the "old line" krewes founded in 1882, which rolls this evening on its original 1880s wooden wagons.  It's not the flashiest or the biggest, but it's really a blast from the past/link to the past, it has distinctive seahorse-themed throws, and it often features obscure themes like 2009's "Mabinogion: The Romance of Wales."  Plus, I've been invited to something called "Proteuspalooza" - and how could that not be fun?

What about the other old line krewes?  Where did they go?  Well, Comus and Momus still exist, although they do not parade any longer (one of my neighbors is a member of Momus).  Rex still maintains a prominent role in Mardi Gras day celebrations, although it has certainly grown to near-super krewe status - a long way from the form that Proteus maintains (slightly ironic since Proteus, in mythology, is the shape shifter).

There's a great deal of work to do today, but tonight should be fun.