"unless you pay, the NYT will disappear as a significant news site"

Althouse has been musing about the looming bar on free access to the New York Times with its "TimesSelect" pay wall.

I agree with her assessment: as a blogger, I will likely stop using the NYT in my blogging because the pieces will be effectively unlinkable.

I've already noticed this trend with the local New Orleans publication CityBusiness, which is otherwise some of the best, more meaningful reportage in the city.  A pay wall went up after the new year...and I noticed I couldn't get at the most interesting linked headlines.  And, besides the previous post, I stopped linking to it on the blog...and, come to think of it, I've largely stopped visiting the site at all.

How will a pay wall on a major news site affect your news consuming habits?  Althouse points to the Financial Times' scheme of offering a limited amount of content for free before the wall hits as a more effective way forward.

Here's an interesting look at online news consumption behavior to contextualize the conversation.