Unadulterated Hackery

The chair of the Democratic Party of Louisiana is trying to make hay of the recent shenanigans in Senator Mary Landrieu's office.

While I, too, condemn the deceptive attempt by Mr. O'Keefe and friends to do seemingly unlawful things (despite O'Keefe's insistence that his party sought no illegal end, I haven't heard a credible account of what legal thing they intended...dressed up in disguises), Mr. McHale's attempt to capitalize seems equally ridiculous:

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the Republicans have to resort to breaking the law to push their agenda of doing the bidding for special interests, standing up for Wall Street fat cats and abandoning the middle class. But I have to tell you - I am amazed that they would sink this low.

The only way to combat these Republican dirty tricks is with constant viligance and by aggressively exposing their lies and criminal behavior. That's why we need your help.

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Already, the supporters of these four Republican political operatives are trying to explain away their actions. The truth is simple: these four grown men broke the law to further their twisted political agenda.

We're not going to let them get away with this. If you will stand with us, the Louisiana Democratic Party will make sure there is a thorough investigation and that those who broke the law are prosecuted to the fullest extent.

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Unfortunately David Vitter and other Louisiana Republicans with ties to these four political operatives are refusing to answer some basic questions.

Did David Vitter, his staff or anyone asociated with the Louisiana Republican Party have any communication with these four politcal operatives or did they have any advance knowledge of their actions?

The rhetoric is silly, and only a complete tool would actually donate money to McHale's attempt to milk the situation.  The final "push poll" graph is especially sleazy.  If you're going to use that kind of language, Mr. McHale, you had better have some substance, some proof.

I do agree with McHale that these were grown men - it's time to stop treating individuals in their 20s, legally adults, as if they were "just kids," like one of the men's attorneys tried to do.