Tulane Green is people...

...people with fewer ways to get across campus or park within walking distance of the buildings where they attend school.

McAlister Drive, shorn of 80 parking spaces, looks like it may finally transform into the "greener" McAlister Place.  Palm trees are in place near Freret and various plantings appear to line the not yet completed path.  The construction fences are still up, however, and since the project (inexplicably) has already taken nearly 8 months, I will not be surprised if the effort is still underway in March.

The end result may be more aesthetically pleasing than at present.  I don't deny that.  But I think the result is impractical.  And the existing arrangement was already a rather pleasant setting - as well as functional.

A recent piece in the Times-Picayune hints that the green may be creeping across campus, eliminating additional useful thoroughfares and parking spaces:

That prospect, she said, could build support for another long-range plan: banning cars from Newcomb Place to create a green space that would run all the way from McAlister Auditorium to Newcomb Hall.

I hate to sound too cynical, but that prospect - a car-less McAlister Place stretching all the way to Willow Street - could also very well sour a majority of campus stakeholders on the faddish and impractical notion of greening internal campus roadways and parking areas out of existence.