A (Too) Radical Idea

I thought this suggestion for selecting Wisconsin's governor was a joke at first.  Then I wasn't so sure:

The idea is to have an independent think tank such as Stanford Research Institute or Batelle Institute create an individual profile of education, experience and character that will best be able to meet the challenges and opportunities facing the state.

This is not a time to elect a governor because of legislative skill, popularity or political patronage. We need a governor with modern business and advanced technical talent who possesses a global vision. If you are running and are a successful small business owner, a mayor, an assemblyperson or most attorneys, this is not the time or venue for your skills or aspirations.

Once the think tank creates the modern governor profile, we need to go out and find this person through executive recruitment and selection.

If the idea is put forward as a serious one, I think it's a poor one.  Many of the state's problems simply stem from a lack of political will or courage.  Radically altering the current selection process (even if ultimately requiring a public vote for a "CEO-search candidate") isn't necessary.  While some experience running corporations can provide valuable experience for political governance by analogy, government is ultimately a different paradigm - there's a rather explicit social contract in place, a different legal relationship with constituents.

People simply need to demand more from their elected officials - and hold them accountable when they fail.  Or run for office themselves.