A strange twist in the Ft Hood shooting case

Two things caught my eye today in the Ft. Hood shooting. Taken together, they say something quite worrisome. First, this:
Rep. Buck McKeon (R) of California on Wednesday called the report’s failure to mention Islamic extremism a “strange silence.” To 9/11 commission member John Lehman, the administration's position “shows you how deeply entrenched the values of political correctness have become,” he told Time magazine earlier this week.
Then this:
Evidence shows a lot of doctors were worried about Hasan — some for years. Evidence also shows that only one supervisor, Scott Moran, actively tried to kick Hasan out of the psychiatry program. Now sources involved in the investigation say Moran is one of the officers who's in big trouble. Moran wouldn't comment, but the sources say the supervisors under investigation are fairly low level officers like Moran, who is a major.
Taken together, this is an especially troubling look into the military's thinking about the case. I don't have a problem with treating this as a criminal issue per se, but by refusing to call the incident a terrorist incident and then investigating the man who tried to take action when the problem was becoming clear suggests a real blind spot in the military's thinking in the case.