A stand Obama could take

President Obama came under a lot of fire after his decision to lift the missile shield in Eastern Europe and alienating traditionally strong allies. I was wrong on that before, but I have consistently called on Obama to take a strong stand to continue to demonstrate his commitments to Eastern Europe. I've talked about Nord Stream before, but now it has a little more relevance:
The Poles... suspect the Russians of using the pipeline to pursue a classic divide and conquer strategy aimed at weakening the EU and NATO.

The Polish government has been working overtime to persuade its erstwhile partners and allies in the EU and NATO that the pipeline deal is a bad one that could undermine energy security for all, but last month (November) the final piece of the deal fell into place when the governments of Sweden and Finland granted their approval for the pipeline to cross their territorial waters.
In the face of continued Russian intransigence, now would be a fine time for Obama to make a move of support for Poland. It is too late to take a strong stand on Nord Stream, but South Stream is still under discussion. Nor is it too late to call out corruption in Gazprom.