High-rise hilarity

So, we're getting ready for another new high-rise on campus at the UW. But this one's got a twist:
There is no parking provided for staff, residents or guests. Instead, the developers have included 27 covered stalls for mopeds and another 75 for bicycles. [...]

"I like the idea of a building that says ‘No Cars Allowed,’" said commission member Ald. Lauren Cnare. "This seems like a great place for an experiment of this kind."
Well, that's dumb. Any developer who thinks he can be magically delicious by ignoring reality in one of the worst areas for parking in already parking-unfriendly Madison is asking for a boondoggle.

You want campus greenies on your side because you put in a few bikes spaces? Great. That's a cute gimmick and I'm sure you'll get lots of pats on the head. Now dig a garage so the people who live there can park. The simple fact, though, is that the price points on this place are quite clearly going to select for coasties who are already segregated on Langdon. And the next simple fact is that these people drive cars. Have you seen the parking at Langdon Hall? So yeah, that's cute that your residents will be able to bike a block and a half to Bascom Hill, and then they'll probably just get on the bus anyway. But patting yourself on the back for somehow being green just because you're going to create a catastrophe of parking is simple asshattery and nothing more.

And there are other problems:
Korb attorney Harvey Temkin said the lack of parking in the plan would present problems for delivery, emergency or maintenance vehicles. He also raised safety concerns about adding more density to an already congested area along the lake.

"We’re not opposed to development on the site … but this is not the appropriate development there," said Temkin. "It’s just not practical."