Friday Night Fights - Tonight on Freret

Driving down Freret in the past six months, you may have occasionally seen the sign out in front of the Freret Street Gym announcing Friday Night Fights, which, with a few exceptions, have gone down one Friday per month.  There was no December event, but now, from what I hear, the fights will be official amateur boxing matches.

I have yet to make it to a bout, despite my best efforts.  Several friends have attended, though, and there's a blog report and a student newspaper report out there.

I do know that the October event featured, among others, a fight between a Tulane business student and the Jesuit priest who heads Loyola University-New Orleans.  Stavros S, a fellow Tulane Law Student, also fought.  The crowd included, among others, my friend Wolf, James Carville, and the Editor in Chief of the Tulane Law Review.

It's hard to believe there's boxing going on over in the Freret Corridor.   I've never seen boxing live, so I might just have to stop by this evening.