"your wits have been dulled by the Uniform Commercial Code"

Elizabeth Wurtzel talks tough times for big law in the WSJ.

I'm not sure who's out there right now passing up an $80k paid year off with a job guarantee at a top firm at the end of it...but I tend to agree with Wurtzel's speculation:

These top-notch law grads, brilliant and bright as the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree when all the lights are turned on, may actually be idiots who lack imagination underneath it all. Maybe they just don't have enough vision to know what to do with $80,000 worth of free time.

I assure you, although my wits are being dulled even now by the UCC, that I don't have a similar problem finding things to do in my free time.  I'm pondering even now what to do in my deferral year.