A Visit to Henning's Cheese Factory

Kiel, my hometown, is also home to one of the finest small cheese factories - Henning's Cheese.

I stopped out on Christmas Eve morning, and I found the factory's new store and museum rather enthralling.  Both were full of people milling about, chatting, sampling a wide variety of cheese (and some Door County plum wine) and viewing the exhibits of historic cheese-making implements.  Large viewing windows also permit visitors to watch the actual cheese-making process unfold in the factory itself.

A few limited edition cheeses filled the coolers - including Blueberry Cobbler (surprisingly good!), Peppercorn, and a caramel flavored cheese.  When I added the cajun cheese curds to my pile of potential purchases, I had to stop and reassess - I had too much to carry.

The store and museum were recently featured on the Today Show, and Kay S reported that business picked up briskly in the two weeks that followed.  If you're ever in the area, stop by for a real treat - or order online.