Up North, some writing on the wall

Here's an interesting skirmish off on the periphery of one front in the GOP civil war.  Christian Schneider assesses a gay marriage spat in the GOP Primary for the 7th Wisconsin Congressional.

He focuses on a Youtube video ad by one candidate, Dan Mielke.  While I think Mielke's strange video (the replacement for the first one taken down due to a copyright infringement) is a sign of a rather desperate attempt to damage the clear frontrunner, Sean Duffy, I think the most important thing to take away from Schneider's piece is his recognition of the coming electoral shift on gay rights issues.  He sees the numbers.

The GOP, if it is to remain viable electorally with younger generations, needs to find a way to move beyond opposition, or at least an unintelligent opposition, to civil unions and likely even gay marriage.  If the party's candidates are going to oppose gay rights at all, they certainly need to find a better basis for opposition than religious underpinnings alone. 

Mielke, droning on in a rather eerie manner on his video, notes that Duffy's wife stated her husband Sean was more of a libertarian on social issues.  Good for Duffy.  I hope he wins. 

Mielke's mucking around doesn't do the voting public much good.  It's also woefully off topic in a time when Congress is toying with the prospect of massive government spending and expansion in the health care and carbon limits arenas, involved in multiple wars, and facing a jobless recovery.