The seasonal war

Slate claims the "War on Christmas" is over:
The debates that have raged in years past—"Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays"? "Christmas tree" or "holiday tree"?—have largely quieted down in 2009. While it's impossible to quantify, there are plenty of pseudoscientific indicators to suggest that, yes, the war on Christmas, with or without quotation marks, is over. Or at least in cease-fire.
I suspect it's more a cease-fire -- call it the modern-day Christmas Truce -- but Wisconsin's Capitol Rotunda would seem to bear out the idea of a lull in the fight. The Isthmus doesn't have any mention of the seasonal tilting match between atheists and bible-thumpers after 2007, except a mention of tree ornaments last year; the only mention in the Badger Herald of Christmas trees this year is in an article about an exhibition about Christmas trees past.

Edit: buried at the bottom of Isthmus's search results is an article from today profiling the co-presidents of the Madison Freedom From Religion Foundation. But I don't think that disproves the idea of a lull in the fight -- if the FFRF was really still in the fight, I'd have expected more headlines about the tree sometime in the last two years. If our holiday wars are reduced to talking about people, rather than symbols, I think we're OK.