Incoming search hits for Granny Cart Lady just spiked

An uptick in searches along the lines of "Tulane Granny Cart Lady death" began not long ago.

UPDATE:  Here are a few additional indicators from the facebook fan page posted in the past hour:

Zach Y no way
26 minutes ago · Report

Caroline G can it be true?
36 minutes ago · Report

Allison S  R.I.P. GCL. We will miss you terribly. :'(

UPDATE II: After a bit of searching, I still have yet to find any concrete evidence that Granny Cart Lady has died. I posted the above because they occurred; but they may well represent nothing more than a feedback loop on a rumor.

UPDATE III: The Tulane Hullabaloo has posted this newsflash atop its homepage as of 7:30 p.m.: