Another Drop of Venom

Andrew Sullivan, unsurprisingly, appears to attack Sarah Palin as inconsistent by juxtaposing two of her recent statements.

I'm all for critiquing what Sarah Palin puts out into the political marketplace.  But the two statements are rather easily distinguishable.  One notes that Americans bought war bonds to fund our involvement in World War II.  The other expresses opposition to the recently proposed war tax.  One means of helping to fund a war was voluntary.  The other would not be voluntary for average citizens.  I fail to see how comparing the two statements shows Palin to be a hypocrite (and if Sullivan's trying to make some other point, I don't see that either).

In the end, Sullivan, his "blog" still sans comments, demonstrates yet again just how thoroughly his spite and obsession with Sarah Palin have blinded him to obvious distinctions.

Go and see what you think.