Another benefit of socialized health care

You'll get to pay for fraud:
In recent weeks, regulators cut public funding to more than 130 child-care providers suspected of scamming the state's troubled Wisconsin Shares program. The program was designed to help low-income parents get jobs by covering the cost of child care.

In an ongoing investigation extending more than a year, The Journal Sentinel has uncovered rampant fraud within the $350 million-a-year program as well as shoddy oversight.
It isn't clear from the article how long some of these scammers have been suckling at the state's teat, but it is clear that Wisconsin taxpayers have been paying a tremendous amount for a program that has failed glaringly to prevent fraud.
The state issued $23.9 million in child-care subsidies last month to cover the cost of care for 56,550 children. That compares with $28.2 million in November 2008 for care for 60,417 children, according to data released by the state.
That's a drop in the bucket to what will undoubtedly get through the national system. Which is to say, it's a drop in the bucket compared to what you will be paying down the line.