A sad end

The saga of Emin and Adnan ends in Azerbaijan:
The prosecution said the arrests had nothing to do with the video. Mr. Hajizade received a term of two years in prison, and Mr. Milli received two and a half years. In Washington, the State Department assailed the verdict.
A few bloggers attended the trial; Ali Novruzov mourns:
Despite the huge success of lawyers and huge failure of "prosecutors", "judge" simply ignored Aristotelian logic and common sense and sentenced Adnan Hajizade for two and Emin Milli for two and half years. No rationale was offered to explain term difference.

Our special thanks to the Azerbaijan government for they showed to whole world our "justice" at work. Otherwise, those today-here-tomorrow-at-home foreign officials from international organizations were not believing our veteran human rights activists when they were lamenting sad state of Azeri "justice."
Meanwhile, Arzu says:
But this is not an end, this is only the beginning. Don't forget "future is what we do know" and that "in order to change the society we must first change ourselves"!

Today at the end of the hearing, Emin said he is feeling proud and thats why he is ready to accept the verdict given to him. Though his speech was short, he called on the audience to use all means possible- internet (blogs, facebook, youtube); sms- to spread the reality of the situation in the country regarding freedom, justice and their case.