Quick thoughts on Palin's book

What fascinates me is the coverage of the book. I was watching Morning Joe on MSNBC this morning and one of the reporters made a big point of the book "looking backward" rather than forward. She even grilled a few people at a book signing about why they like Palin. Apparently, only 14 pages are dedicated to Palin's political beliefs and the preceding 380-some odd pages were about her early life, being Governor of Alaska and running for VP.

Last I checked, that's what an autobiography is. How is this different than Dreams from My Father? Going Rogue is about Sarah Palin's life, not her political philosophy. Personally, I'm more interested in her politics and her ideas if she's going to be in the political arena, but there's nothing wrong with writing an autobiography if people are going to buy it.

If the media continues to focus on actively trying to take down Sarah Palin, they look petty and obsessed. Instead of fact checking Palin's book, how about some investigations into the stimulus fraud or Major Hasan's attempts to contact terror groups? Heck, how about some time reading and reporting on the health care bills?

Sarah Palin will either run for president or not. People will read her book or they won't. The media needs to quit obsessing about it and asserting that anyone who likes her or reads her book is some kind of idiot.