Kiel High Alum Amy Krueger Killed in Fort Hood Attack

Amy Krueger, who was a senior at Kiel High School when I was a freshman at that school, was one of the 13 soldiers killed in the attack at Fort Hood.

While I did not know Amy well, I do remember her from school.  Kiel High is not a very large school.

I am so deeply sorry for her family and friends back home.

I hope the gunman is charged with and convicted of treason.


UPDATE: The Manitowoc Herald Times is updating with coverage as the day progresses. 

UPDATE 2: The New York Times speaks with staff at Kiel High. 

UPDATE 3: My friend Sabrina Nucciarone interviewed Amy in 2003 upon her return from service in Afghanistan.  The interview formed the basis of this Mike Mathes piece at the Kiel Tri-County News' website.  Sabrina took the photo of Amy in her uniform that is now being disseminated to national news outlets.  Mayor Werdeo has ordered all flags in Kiel lowered to half-staff.