Health Care Bill Moves to the Floor

"What's in our grasp right now is a chance to prevent a future where every day, 14,000 Americans continue to lose their health insurance, and every year, 18,000 Americans die because they don't have it."

What's also in our grasp right now, President Obama, is a chance for an unprecedented federal government intervention into the lives of Americans and into the market.   It's wrong.

Passage of the health care bill will mark a repudiation of any remaining notion of individual responsibility.  Ours was a government of limited powers.

"This is our moment to deliver," Obama said.

Yes, this is your moment to deliver another program on top of the ticking entitlement time bombs of Medicare and Social Security.  This is your moment to deliver a program that will likely grow, forcing an increase in government spending.  This is your moment to deliver a measure that will expand government, that will make more people dependent upon government.  This is your moment to deliver a program that does not address the economy or the loss of jobs or the wars overseas.  This is your moment to take final advantage of a national atmosphere of crisis after shifting our national attention from more pressing matters.  This is your moment to prove many of my original fears about you to be true.

Emerging from a closed-door meeting with the president, Speaker Nancy Pelosi predicted the bill will pass. "We can associate ourselves with the work of those who passed Social Security, those who passed Medicare," she said.

Yes, Madam, Speaker, you can put yourself in the history books.  By sending people to jail for failing to procure insurance against their will.  By passing a bill that nobody can possibly understand or read in full.  By continuing to be one of the most tone deaf politicians I've ever witnessed on the national stage.

I oppose passage of the health care bill.  And if it passes, I'm going to have to start getting much more involved in politics.  This legislation would take us down the wrong path.