The eternal victim

Brad discussed it recently, but I think it bears repeating:
If that three-part narrative has a unifying theme, the theme is that everything – and I mean everything – that has ever gone wrong for Sarah Palin was someone else’s fault.

Sarah’s lackluster performance during her interview with Frank Murkowski when she somehow made the short-list of candidates to succeed Frank in the U.S. Senate? That was Frank and his Attorney General, my friend Gregg Renkes’s, fault. The Troopergate scandal? Walt Monegan and the Democratic members of the Alaska Senate pulled that mean-spirited prank on a blameless Sarah. The nationally televised interview with Katie Couric that branded Sarah Palin as an ignorant and uneducated laughingstock? Katie sandbagged her. The fabulously disastrous Thanksgiving television interview when Governor Palin pardoned a turkey while in the background unpardoned turkeys were having their heads shoved down a funnel and their throats slit? Sandbagged again. That time by a local TV news cameraman.
Clearly she revels in her own victimization -- the Newsweek cover being the most recent example. It's far easier to be a brave victim eternally fighting back than to actually come up with real policy, and in many ways it typifies the recent tactics of the Republican Party, eternally defensive about the liberal media and the war on Fox News. There are moments when simply digging in and opposing bad policy is the right move -- but to win in politics, good new ideas need to be advanced.